Writing On The Wall

One thing I miss about not having my own apartment, is that you can’t really put your own touch on it. I dream of walls with different structures – raw brick, smooth wallpaper and black chalk walls. I love the contrast between the white and black, and the fact that you can make art directly on the wall. Small messages become small pieces of wall decoration, and if you feel like it, you can make a huge drawing one day, and erase it the next. At the moment the chalk wall in my imaginary apartment is in the kitchen. I would write all our favourite recipes on it, and make my guests do the same.  While I’m cooking, it would be something fun to do for my guests, and after a while my wall would be full of great recipes and good memories. You can get chalk paint in many different colours, not only black, and with chalk markers you can write your name in neon, without worrying about the dust.  Have you ever considered a chalk wall?


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One response to “Writing On The Wall”

  1. Ferne Delvillar says :

    amazing! i appreciate reading this sort of stuff everytime i can get towards the laptop or computer